Yup. I was in my local instrument shop (which mainly sells guitars upstairs) getting some new strings for my guitar. So there’s this guy trying out what I can only assume to be a Epiphone Les Paul copy. Sounds alright to me and the guy at the counter is leaning over and chatting with him quite happily.

I zone out. Find the right strings for my acoustic and take them to the counter. As he’s putting the money through the till, we hear this massive crash. Turns out, the dude didn’t properly slot the guitar back into the wall bracket and it landed, get this, on a Fender 60s re-issue strat. Cringe worthy indeed.

The guy who was playing them just goes “oh ****, I’m really sorry” and the guy at the counter just puts his hand on his head and says nothing. There was a really strange awkward silence where none of us said anything, until the guy picks the epiphone up and leans it against a wall opposite, where it nearly frickin slides over again! I would have left at this point because the guy who had been jamming was very embarrassed but I didn’t have my change yet. So I figured I’d let him sort this out first.

The epiphone wasn’t really damaged, a bit of wood came off the headstock and the freeboard was scratched, but the strat (which landed face down, with the other guitar landing on top of it) had a really big chunk taken out of the side of the body. Real bad.

The customer just asked if was going to have to pay for it, to which he said nothing and just phoned his boss. At which point I asked for my change - I was given far too much. Usually I would have just taken it but seeing as the guy might already be in a bit of trouble, I gave the extra back and left.

Anyway, a very cringe worthy experience. Anyone else experienced something similar? Broken a guitar yourself?
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closest I've some to anything like that is being there when the store discovered a huge scratch in the back of one of their gibson LPs.
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wow...he must suck!!

i accidentally dropped a pick once and lost it in my local guitar shop if that counts....
That's a damn good thing, because those guitars were going way too fast.

EDIT: Poor jokes aside, that is a really sad story. I feel embarassed just reading it.
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lol almost pulled a rack of guitars of a wall once my bag caught on it luckily the guy in the sotre notice r id be in debt like hell
I played a few £2000 acoustics the last time I went to my local shop. They have a few £5000 ones but they are stored away in a special room. I'm always really scared about somehow breaking one and when I move around with it I make sure it has 3 feet of space at all sides.

Would/can they make you pay for a £2000 guitar if you break it? I don't even know...
yea sigh i droped a ibanez jem once..................yea i ran it was like 4000$+
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lol almost pulled a rack of guitars of a wall once my bag caught on it luckily the guy in the sotre notice r id be in debt like hell

the shop i go to makes u leave ur bag at the door for that reason.............well that and they keep a ton of pedles,chordes, and strings just laying around
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Well that should end the Gibson vs Fender argument, huh? Somehow, I don't think so.

A college roommate broke my old Yamaha, (accident albiet) still have it but parted it out...
I knocked over a Fender USA Jazz Bass once. Erm, I bought the Squire model instead. No damage or anything though, just pretty embaressing.
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yea, remmembering myself at the guitar shop half a year ago... played on a strat type guitar(stagg s300 black as far as i remmember), felt that i dont want to play anymore, cuz i just didnt remmember what to play(half a year ago i couldnt play anything, except toxicity, and a few intros).. went to put it in place, and when i did that, it started shaking, and it fell..
how lucky i was to catch it. the guy at the music store didnt see anything..

but your story with this guy is epic.
When I was a kid I was playing with a really old gibson. Not really sure the model or anything. But it had one of those really old type whammy bars. And I decided to pull it up instead of going down. Yeah.. All the strings snapped... I ran so fast haha
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It would be awesome if that idiot posted here and saw this.
I was playing a Jackson RR and when I put it back on the hook, it fell off and the spiked bit hit me on the head. Very painful.
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is that store on linking square?
" Tomaz24 "

It's in a small costal village in the UK. Why, did you witness an identical incident elsewhere?
I can't imagine dropping one guitar on another, talk about ****ty luck...
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One time I went into a store and all I could see was 1000 line6 spiders one after another, I wanted to try out my electric, but couldn't find a decent amp. So I turned on the amp and then plugged in my guitar. Which I'm not supposed to because Its always plug everything in/out and then turn on your amp...I know I'm not that cold hearted. I did it on purpose though