Commands weigh him down like he does his father during piggyback rides.
it must be revenge.

cant wait to finish dinner, the required mixed greens and lima beans.
pushing it around craftily so as to deceive caring, overbearing eyes.


"Yes" (Lie)

"Okay, go outside"

Heart leaps, rebounds off stomach, higher than the basketball hoop,
happily plummets back to its content.

feet try for one step at a time down the porch,
but are satisfied with no less than all three

legs run hard, they will never be tired,
never more wired than when running on freedom

Holds back an unintelligible yelp of happiness, which seems to be pushing from the hot summer pavement upward,
even the black top seems exhilarated to see him after the day of house bound enslavement,
of picking up GI Joe & Co, and war paraphernalia, (the days battle took place in western australia, batman felt the pain)

Friends yell and woop beside themselves with joy, they were short one man (or maybe a boy)
for two on two b ball
and though hes not very good, in his mind he'll be MJ (but not quite as tall) and he can dunk from the freakin' free throw line

sweat pours like the rain that soon will come, and send them once again on a homebound run

dimpled orange ball slips in hands far too small too even know the rules,
and young enough to not follow them even if they did have a clue

game ending moisture lands on his face,
the buzzer sounds in the form of a scream from the door "Come back inside, we're going for ice cream!"

holds back another ye - ah screw it.
i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.