No, I don’t want to catch you staring through your hands
At the troughs and peaks of those LCD displays.
No, I don’t want to catch you silent and soundless
As appliances dictate the rhythms of your pulse.

Always too strong to be led by machines.
Hold us close to your chest, and let us keep dreaming
That we have the means and we can destroy
The aching.

So you take the red one and we’ll take the blue.
And maybe the next time we won’t choose to stare at our shoes.
Telling ourselves that we stand just like statues, dependable but we’re starting to find that
There’s no consolation as we just sit patiently murdering time, waiting for something.

While the beggars were praying with all of the chips down
I was taken back by smells of disinfectant
To the very same scent; an identical place;
The apologetic face making the rounds.

So I took deep breaths, I opened my throat,
I let my lungs suck in air that they recycle.
This Proustian memory made me realise
We’re useless.
Eh, I couldnt get into it. There seemed to be no flow to the song, like it was just a bunch of words crammed together.

Mind doing mine? Its called Lost in a state of mind.
Thanks man, I know what you mean about there seeming to be no flow - when read it doesn't seem to have a rhythm, but actually in the song it does fit, I promise ya! It's just quite a synocopated melody, and the syllables of some words are stretched out in some parts, and in others crammed together. I was more looking for a crit of the imagery, metaphor, choice of words, etc.