My band just recorded another song called Cover Your Legs, Those Loose Vowels Are Showing. I'm not gonna explain the title hahah. We play our take on progressive music, heavily influenced by hardcore/deathcore. Tell me what you think and I'll give crit4crit on whatever type of music you can throw at me.

FIrst off not my style of music but thats neither here nor there.

The recording is GREAT.

I thought the keys near the opening could be changed a wee bit, perhaps just another octave to sound a little more sinister without going overboard.

Bout 15 seconds in the second vocalist right at first sounds a bit like cartoon character just for a second.

The guitars ROCK...hell ya man.

Right around the 2 min. mark I suddenly got a dose of influence from what sounded like "Yes" which was nice.

I have alot of band friends probably simular to most here. I go to a show and I either know everyone in each band or at least one guy from each band. The reason I say this is the majority of them play that genre but I think I would put your band above most Ive heard at least locally.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
Wow...thanks man.

All the Recording was done right here on my desktop computer.

Whenever we rerecord this song, I'll try using the other octaves and see how it sounds. I'll check it out next band practice.

Haha we're redoing vocals on this song really soon, with a few singing parts and my girlfriend doing some guest vocals.

Thanks for the compliment on the guitars, I'll let our guitarists know their work is appreciated hahah.

Yes isnt really one of my main influences but I have a great respect for their compositions and musicianship.

Thanks again for the kind words, we all really appreciate it.