Alright, the hard part here is that I don't know what scale it's using. The melody line's possibly using E major with accidentals, but for the most part it's like four notes so it could be multiple scales. G#, E, F#, and G. The harmony I've been working on goes like

E, whole note | E, half note/ C, quarter note / B, eighth note / ???, eighth note

All major triads. That's why it's hard finding the last one, because by using all major triads it's not being diatonically sound with any scale. They sound good together, in the context, but I can't find that last chord. The progression should go down from the B, but I tried both A major and minor triads and they sounded off, and it seems like adding a seventh would be more complex than the rest of the progression, and mess things up.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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