I have a Fender Strat and have always wanted to put a floating Floyd Rose on it. How much would it cost, and is it even possible to even carve out behind the bridge so you can pull up for squeals, as well as divebomb? Also, how difficult is it to do it yourself and how much would it cost to have it done by a music store? Thanks
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well, a Floyd Rose is about 180 NEW, then you have to pay for the wood work it cost, upwards of 200 plus (i think) and if you have never used a router or never even done anything to your guitar, don't do it your self...
yes its possible, no it should not be attempted as a fisrt time mod,and it will probs cost in excess of 30 GBP so around 55 USD
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To carve out cavities to fit anything in a guitar you would use a router. Also Floyd Roses are apparently fairly hard to install so if you don't want to risk damaging your guitar take it to a shop or luthier to get them to do it.
I've done some pickup routing and a few other things pertaining to Fenders and other guitars and i wouldnt suggest doing it. Theres alot of factors to think about before you even try..

If its a squire or even mexican it might not be a deep enough body to support the added stress and bolt lengths needed for a standard install. Just slapping in a humbucker was right on the ragged edge of depth when it comes to squires due to the cavity route for the tremolo. So with that cavity and were it meets near the bolts it might be to close to be sturdy and it would crack the wood. Ibanez is even doing a metal brace retainer for the riser bolts the knife edges connect to for sturdyiness.

Working with wood isnt all its cracked up to be and one slip up can cost you your whole guitar. High speed bits and soft wood = bad outcome if you slip.

Alignment issues because you dont have the proper tools and templates.

Scale might be altered, causing tuning issues.

And a whole lot of mess...

So i say if you want to do squeals get you another guitar with a floyd already in it. Or spring for a fender with a floyd already installed from the factory.