Sorry to sound like a complete tool, but different tubes effect your tone?

I still have the stock ones in my Peavey Valveking 212, how drastic would a change be?:\
But it does make a difference?
What would you suggest changing to, for a nice chunky low end and nice leads?
eurotubes.com is the place to go. it has all the answers you'll ever need for tubes!!
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The Everything/Tube sticky on this site is loaded with info. The Eurotubes site really isn't, as all Bob sells is JJ's. The Tube Store gives nice thumbnail descriptions of the tubes they sell, though, and is definitely worth a look.

I think that in a Valveking, you could potentially see a great improvement in sound with a new set of tubes.
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Tube differences can be startling. I switched the preamp tubes in my Mesa to Mullards from the SPAX7 Mesas (low noise 12AX7) and switched the power tubes to Electroharmonix. I left a SPAX7 in for the effects loop.

With the original setup, my guitars sounded pretty much the same as one another. I found that a little odd, as they're as different as night and day. I had to go to extremes on the individual guitars' settings to bring out any distinct differences.

With the new tubes, each guitar has a very, very distinct personality, and my PRS seems to have a greater range of possible tones. It's difficult to describe, but playing around with different tube brands is well worth the effort.
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