1-Feedback with high gain and volume? 2-Muddiness when I have my gain at 6+ volume at 6+? 3-Hum from everything? I plan on getting one in the following weeks. I'm pretty sure that it will solve 2 of my problems but what I most worried about is the muddiness. My current gear isnt the greatest set-up but Ive only been playing for about 9 months. I have a RG2ex1,Palomino V8, MXR M-108 Eq, and a Bad Monkey that I dont use. I'll probably be getting the Decimator soon and getting a TS-9. If there is anything else that would help me please inform me. Thanks,Matt
get the decimator, it will get rid of the hiss. the get rid of the mud, get new pups, those disigned by EMGs suck, i know i have the same guitar in white
Decimator should solve the feedback issue, but muddiness? Maybe you need to EQ it differently. The Hum should be solved by the decimator. But, the good news is that once you kick in the decimator it should give you a broader range for your EQ. Meaning you can crank up the gain without feedback and see where the sweet spot is.
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Decimator will solve, hiss, hum, feedback and other crackles and pops... Get you a tube screamer and eq and that should tighten up your sound alot. Also kick back on the gain some. Usually 6-7 is fine. And like said above designed by is no good....