I got the idea for this, from a Vocabulary worksheet in school, One of the example sentences is the title of this piece.

The Cliftons Were Often Hungry and Cold

Sheets of rain came pouring down,
and the Cliftons can't take the rain...

"Didn't get paid today" said Mr. Clifton.
"But were hungry" cried the children.
He looked away, in shame and pain,
and watched as it began to rain.

A few hours later, it was still pouring,
and the Cliftons are going insane...

"Dinnertime children" Mrs. Clifton said.
The children groaned "Meatloaf again?"
She looked around, in her cool night gown,
and watched as the rain rolled down.

As night sets in, the rain subsides,
and the Cliftons need to relieve the strain...

Mr. Clifton pulled out his .45,
and he said, "Good bye".
His wife heard him say, and she walked away,
and she regrets it, to this day...

The next morning the sun is out...
Good, because the Cliftons, can't take the rain...