Ok, here's the problem;
I can't lock the nut for the E&A strings on my guitar. Since I do alot off whammy stuff it's killing me! When I try to lock it with the little allan wrench the nut just keeps turning and doesn't get a grip. It feels like the E string is to thick wich results in the screw not reaching the hole-thing. I've tried revoving the e-string and it works.
So now I ask you; What the hell should I do!?

(I have an Ibanez S320Wk it has a locking ZR tremolo)
ya if u don't do it the right way while turning it with the allan wrench it wears out the nut u may notice rubbing on ur allan wrench too if its black and the ends kinda silvery. They shouldn't be too bad to replace though
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What needs to be replaced though? just the E/A-sting nut or the hole nut-piece or what it's called? how much do you think it will cost?
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I don't know much about locking trems but I think you just need to replace the screw.
I had to have my whole nut replaced when that happened to my S-Series.
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