Currently I'm having troubles getting the right tone out of my guitar. I predominantly use a Telecaster with a Hot Rails pickup in the bridge which is primarily in Drop D.
I want to get a really tight rythym sound that could double up as a lead sound as well. My main influences are Biffy Clyro, Jimmy Eat World and Bloc Party. I'm trying to achieve a tone which is similar to them, which seems to be plenty of bass but with definition for the treble notes. How would I achieve this with the gear that I have? I use a DS1 for Distortion.
I haven't heard anyone of those bands music, so I can't say. Also, I too am looking for my signature sound.

I am looking for something between a

Jefferson Airplane meets Creedence Clearwater Revival,

or David Bowie meets The Romantics,

or something between the 2.

I have an Epiphone SG and a DigiTech RP-350 processor ran through a 15 Watt Cube.

Any suggestions?
The search for the perfect sound is something a musician will go through their entire life.

I still haven't found mine, but I feel it's something like:

Gibson Les Paul Classic


Marshall JCM800.

But I don't know. Could be, could not be. Chances are that it'll take a lot of time and money to find it, which I currently don't have.
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