THE WONDERS!!!!!! even though they aren't a real band
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
Ice Ice Baby
[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']^ This man knows everything.

Seriously, don't even try and question him, he'll rip your face off with his awesomeness alone.
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@ yet another win post from Vince. Kudos to you, sir.
Chumbawumba - Tubthumping, stupid political message aside, it was a pretty good song.
Blind Melon Ftw!!!
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I love you =] I can't say I was very fond of you when we first started talking because you trolled the hell out of my threads, but after talking to you here I've grown very attached to you.

Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
My sharona by the Knack.

edit: Oh our favorite? I son't know, but I hate The Knack so not that one!
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The Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love

But they might have had some other hits as well, I dunno.
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I have a lot of fav one-hit wonders. But I'd gotta say I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred rocks and I'm not too keen on "Macarena" by The Douchebags.
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