is it that I can play songs like Crazy Train(intro) Walk and parts of Master of Puppets but I cant play songs like Iron Man and Enter Sandman??? I cant figure it out and its really startin to bug me cuz I can play somewhat difficult songs but not the ones everyone says are easy anyone else had this happen to them? How can I learn them I have the tabs but I cant figure it out
Try playing along to the song at the same time can sometimes help. Give it a go!
I've tried that, I cant multi task that well, I cant do anything more complincated then sleeping and listening to the teacher, I always try to play to fast when I try that also
Okay, well try playing with a metronome and definitely, if you haven't already, download a copy of Guitar Pro. That program has helped me so much with learning any song.
I use the power tabs and they help a lot. I have learned a ton since downloading the editor.