I just got a vk100 a few months back, and i love it, playing it through a marshall celestion cab.

And i was just wondering what tubes people might reccommend for switching out the power and pre amp tubes at some point

thanks in advance!
JJ hard power tubes all the way and tungsul pre amp tubes ftw
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I just bought the head last month and its amazing what tubes would be best to add more distortion. This head is amazing second amp i've ever had first was a vintage 1967 twin reverb . i got extremely tired of distortion pedals tube distortion all the way. i just need a little more gain to tighten the sound up.
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it deff looks like the tungsol 12ax7 are the way to go on preamp.

Any specific recommendations on the power tubes?

and are there only certain kinds that will work? Peavey lists them as "6L6GC" and best i can tell they are stock Ruby 6L6GCMSTR
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