As a Christian, I'm going to say that we have some pretty bad music. It's just not complex and easy to do. I don't like it.
i hate christian music.

i do not hate christians.
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Mostly uninspired, musically speaking. There are a few good bands i.e.: David Crowder Band, Thieves and Liars(sort of), Demon Hunter, etc.

I, too, am a Christian.
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It can be pretty boring. But here's some suggestions of good creative bands/artists:

dc talk
Tobymac (lead singer of dc talk, now solo)
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Granted, they're crap, but they're decent.
Christian music shouldn't even be a genre, the band being Christians or singing about God has 0 to do with the type of music they play.

If a metal band is Christian their genre should be metal not Christian metal, If an alternative band is Christian their genre should be alternative not Christian alternative, and so on.
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I'm a Christian, but Christian contemporary is just boring. I think it was created so Christian 30 year old + women can listen to something while they're driving.
I love "christian music", but now a days I dont even know what people mean when they say christian contemporary...there just are too many genras!
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I love "christian music", but now a days I dont even know what people mean when they say christian contemporary...there just are too many genras!

It's basically just christian pop or soft rock. If you have a christian radio station just turn it on and chances are they're playing christian contemporary.
Well I am a Christian, I am a music major, and I am going to do the Contemporary Christian Mucis program at Greenville College. I sadly agree with what most here are saying and that Christian music just isn't very good musically. I can only hoping that I can help change that a little bit.
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There are some that are pretty sharp and really know what they're talking about . . . but most just fall short for me. A lot of it seems very unoriginal and recycled . . . when of all the musicians, you'd think the ones close to God would be the ones with the most inspiration!

proof that God doesn't actually exist?

in all seriousness, why is christian rock consistently terrible?

i'm not christian by the way.
A lot of "Christian Music" is used as a subsitute for hymns for Christians to "worship" to. It's just as people's music tastes change why not have bands in church?

The reason why it's so generic is because the church is meant to be one and not leave people out and united across ages. If they used Metal or rap it would cut off the majority of the church. And the reason why it's simple and often lacking in creativity is becaue the attention is not meant to be on the music or musicians, but on God. If there were too many solos, off beats or unpredictable querks, people's attention would be diverted.

But yeah I agree. It tends to be boring. Check out Switchfoot though - less "generic", more creative, original, and the lyrics aren't so blatantly Christian. ALso the same goes for dc talk and Tobymac, who incidentally links rock with R&B and Hiphop making his albums about as diverse as the White Album!
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Granted, they're crap, but they're decent.
I'd have to say that Christian WORSHIP music is generally terrible in terms of musicality and such. I still really love a lot of the songs, but mainly for the words. One Exception I know of is Lincoln Brewster, he is a very talented guitarist and musician. Look him up on youtube. To be honest tho Contemporary Christian is so new it hasn't had time for many Greats to come along. I really think it will change soon just because they're are so many songs done over and over that say " God is Great, He Loves me, I love you God" and so on, and soon people will desire more originality in their songwritting. But as far as bands and musicians who are christian and not necessarily Worship, I know a ton of bands who are very talented and play epic music. August Burns Red is a popular hardcore/metalcore band that has become known not because they are Christ Core but because of their music. Just for an example. And I agree with whoever said that Christian shouldnt be a Genre, because it isn't. It has no bearing on what the music sounds like.
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I think it's worthwhile to note that the best "God songs" I've ever listened to were written by secular artists. Some of them rap artists.