hey guys, i just want to a quick question about creatine, so please just answer the question and dont bash it if you dont like it. So anyways, im starting creatine along with continued protein shakes this week and was wondering if it will make me just big, or cut, or does it depend on how i work out? Im not looking to add 20 pounds or anything, maybe just a little more muscle and still stay kinda lean. Thanks in advance.
It does neither. Creatine only really gives you an extra boost in the gym and more vascularity (showing veins).

As long as you don't overdo it and drink a good amount of water there are no ill effects.

I don't know why you really asked on here. Try www.bodybuilding.com There is a teen section there.
I've never used it but I have a few friends who have. It should make you bigger with more muscle mass but if you want really noticeable results, you would want to use it for more than a week. It does take water from other parts of the body so staying hydrated is a MUST or it could be dangerous. It probably depends on your age and how you are lifting too.

Sorry I don't know the details but if you don't find what you want on the internet I could ask some people for some more info.

Good luck lifting.
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the stuff helps you build up a little faster because it gives you an extra boost at the gym. i think it also helps your recovery....but im not 100%. try some no-xplode or armegedon, they both have a lot of creatine. armegedon is really tough on your stomach though
Quote by SaXXoN
It does neither. Creatine only really gives you an extra boost in the gym and more vascularity (showing veins).

True. It doesn't make you and doesn't help you to get any bigger or cutter than you are.

When taken at normal doses including no risks, the ATP from it burns out in a matter of seconds, giving you an extra boost for demanding training. I would only go for it if I was trying to max my bench press, or to become a 100m runner.

Can't confirm the vascularity thing.
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