I remember back in the day when everyone used CD's but now everyone just downloads music, mostly illegally. I own an iPod myself, but I have recently started thinking that I may just sell that one, get a new one, and a stereo for my room, and start buying CD's instead of downloading music. I'm thinking that I could use the stereo pretty much all the time I'm at home, and just use the iPod when I'm on the go. Does anyone still buy CD's, and do you consider them still popular, and what do you think are better; CD's or MP3's?
I both download and buy CDs. When I download it's to check out a band I've heard good things about and if I like it I go buy the CD.
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I still buy CD's....
But most of the music i listen to isnt in regular stores (HMV, Virgin etc). So I have to go to a little shop in a back alley in Newcastle.
It is easier for me to download, i try not to though
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I still buy CDs. I love expanding my huge collection.
MP3s. I can't get Original Soundtracks of video game music on CD and I also can't get any J rock or J pop on CD [without spending over $100, lame]. I also prefer to buy the song I like than to buy the whole CD because changing songs between CDs is very cumbersome.
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CD's. I don't like MP3's, or downloading music illegally. I downloaded a torrent, and put it on a CD and enjoyed it thoroughly. Then, I lost the CD, so I went and bought it, and it sounded so much better! But, maybe I'm just computer retarded.
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CDs are my preference, a hard copy with album art and the record store atmosphere.

However, I won a $15 iTunes Gift card, and bought another, so I bought the Dewey Cox Extended Soundtrack and the Deluxe Version of Eat A Peach ($11.99!!).
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