Does anybody have any documentation on the workings of a bolt-action sniper? I've been googling for a while but haven't found anything too descriptive... I'm making a mock .50 cal (no specific model) and I need to know a lot of things, like how far does the bolt need to pull back, what happens because of the bolt besides loading the round, do bolt-action snipers have clips, a good material for making a mock barrel that won't warp, and a few other technical things.

Any advice appreciated.

PS: I will be making this from household/Home Depot products.

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Eh..I thought I might have been able to help you but..I dunno.

The bolt came back 3-5 inches on the rifle I fired, although it was small bore. (.22)
why you want to is beyond me but the guy above me should be about right on the travel length of the bolt if the round is the same length after all calber is mesured in the width of the round not the length, just out of interest is it radius or diameter that's used to mesure the caliber?


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