Go with the Firepod, simply because it uses firewire instead of usb.

However, a mixer and multitrack tape recorder would be a better investment.
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the drivers are not great on it but the FP10 is by far the better choice simply because USB wont be able to handle 8 inputs at one time...and will probably lag quite a bit.
also the FP10 has better hardware/preamps.
I'd go for the FireStudio, which is a bit more, but worth it. It was rated as one of the top gear by Electronic Musician for 2008...and offers really cool features. It's a bit more affordable than MOTU's offerings.
I have the firepod, its ****ing excellent.... Great quality recording....
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ill thanks guys gonna hit guitar center monday and buy a FP10 or the studio one depends how much money i get off with my discount card