what do you think about led zeppelin the greatest or the suckest??

I think they are the best because nobody could acomplish what they did, i mean whenever they had a concert it was always sold out and the songs were awsome one of my favorite songs is i can't quit you baby it sounds way better in concert i have it on dvd where they are playing in the royal albert hall its awesome, so what do you think are they great or no?
^ bcuz red zeperrin r metar duhhhh
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Let's see...

40 years later and you...some idiot from wherever...is talking about them.

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#1. Led Zepplin is terrible.
#2. Have you ever heard of a period?
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^Hey, Led Zeppelin is good, Achilles Last Stand is freaking awesome, but yes they don't belong here.
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ROFL and eating salad @ "suckest"

...no comment on the rest.


Yes because we can determine how "good" a band is by how many tickets they sell. By that logic Britney Spears is an amazing artist.
overrated band, i get that they were innovative, but 40 years later do we still need people fellating them...no