Okay, I have a Yamaha RGX520FZ and I am looking to upgrade without spending too much. The only store around is guitar center so if anyone could help me i would appreciate it. By the way i was looking at some Epiphone SG's would they be a good choice?

Holy **** that was fast.... I play mostly rock (Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, etc) and metal ( metallica, black sabbath, ozzy,etc) my budget would be around 200-500 dollars
seeing as you like sg's, the epiphone g-400 is a nice guitar. i own one, haven't had any problems with it. don't go lower than a g-400 though. i've heard epiphone's quality on the cheaper instruments is lacking...
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thanks a lot thats kool.....hey is it true that they are just about as nice as a regular gibson sg?