This has been happening for a while on the A string tuning peg but it's starting to happen on the low E, the D and even the G. Whenever I'm tuning it sounds like it's creaking, kinda like a mix between the sound you get when you crack your knuckles and the sound of some hollow cracking.

Is this normal and will it affect my guitar in the long run?
That's usually caused by the slots in the nut being dry. As the string tries to slide thru the slot, it'll catch a little and creak. Try this stuff. I use it every string change and it makes them completely silent when tuning, plus it's got an awesome name. You can get it at Musiciansfriend.com

Except that a pencil makes the nut look ugly. Not much of a fan of that either, too hard to get enough into the slots to make a difference. The nut sauce is excellent, inexpensive, and lasts forever.
A #2 pencil is what I use, it works great and it's really cheap. I keep a couple in my gig bags and guitar cases. In addition to being dry the nut slots could be too tight, corroded strings can cause siimilar troubles. Graphite or nut sauce will cure it.
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I guess that's the problem, my strings are 9 months old. I'll probably change them tomorrow since my teacher showed me how to do it, I didn't really understand the vids but since I've seen it first hand I'm confident that I can handle it.

I bought a pack of strings after my E string broke so I'll just change em all and try the graphite thing. I'll order the lubricant when I order something of MF next time.
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Yeah they were rusted for months now but my teacher didn't feel like changing them. I'll probably keep a few packs of string around now and change them when they sound dead or start to rust again. It's amazing how bad dead strings sound next to new ones, when I play I sound awful because of the mix match. I'll probably clean my guitar the same time too, it has a lot of gunk and dust stuck in hard to reach places.
Huh my acoustic does the same thing when I'm tuning. I'll have to try your answers.

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Yeah they were rusted for months now but my teacher didn't feel like changing them.

And passed up a perfect opportunity to teach you to change them too...I'd be looking for another teacher. Anybody too lazy to change a set of strings wouldn't be getting my money.

Gunk in hard to reach places - Camera brush and Q tips.
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Nah, he's a good teacher but he's just really conservative, everything is a lot more expensive here so if you get too wasteful you find yourself spending a lot of money.