I currently have a Yorkville XS400 Bass combo. As it sits now, it's putting out 250 watts..I want to get the entire 400 out of it. What would be a good (reasonably priced) head to buy to boost my power?
You need another 8ohm CAB, not another head!
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You need another 8ohm CAB, not another head!


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there's some suggestions for what you need. i recommend the carvin for bang for your buck. they're good stuff but you can't try before you buy because factory direct. the ashdown is also good and you might find it somewhere maybe. good for the money but more expensive. and the Eden is high quality stuff. you pay for it but it's high end stuff. make sure if you get the Eden you get the 8 ohm version and not the 4 ohm
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Thanks everyone. Sorry for pissing you off, Welsh.
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