okay so im playing next week like i said on some other topics.

i am wonder how should i do my set cause im acoustic/solo and being solo is different then a band.

heres what i thought.

play something up beat. say name of the song while i start playing it.

say next name of the song.

play it.

talk about my demo i am recording.

say next song title

play it

then play a cover

30 min set im playing and my insturments are acoustic guitar,piano, and my voice.

so what you think and what can make a acoustic show more interesting.

its my acoustic vr's like 7 other rock bands.
show the power and do more than words.. WITH the solo at the end..

or michael hedges.. aerial boundaries... even if the people don't know it.. and you can play it.. you'll blow them away... but set outline looks good
Well it's more of a pastel black, really...

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ok thanks dude. this is my first show too.

got 40 people going just for me

and the rest is unknown lol.

but more than words would be amazing to play live.