Just got my digitech whammy in from musicians friend.I tried it out and....let me put it this way.you know when you use a wah,with every centimeter you push the pedal,the sound changes.Now,start thinking about whammys again and
mine doesnt.
the knob and its functions work perfectly fine,but only once at the very top.the sound isnt changed whatsoever until 3/4 of the way up on the pedal.is this normal for new or even all whammys?
Thanks A Bunch,i still have a month to return it so please let me know now!!!
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You have to calibrate it.
I don't own a Whammy, so I don't know how exactly you do it, but it's an exact fix for your problem. Read the manual, or google it.
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umm if it works the same way as a wah pedal dont u jsut need to turn up the frequency knob under the pedal?
Recalibrate it. The manual says how. I think you plug it in and hold down the switch and the lights start to blink. Then move the treadle up and down all the way, let go, and press the switch again. (I haven't had to do mine in a while.) Hope that fixes it.
i own the whammy 4 (my favorite pedal) and to calibrate u hold down the foot button and plug in the power the light will stay on and just rock the pedal and once u hit the foot button another time your done