I'm getting past the point of angry now

I own like 5 guitars and only 1 seems to work now I own the following

Fender Strat (Your typical beginners model)
Yamaha Strat (Some crappy model)
Ibanez SA260FM
Jackson KVX10

The only one left working is the ESP and that's beginning to sound as if it's on the blink.

Basically I don't touch my other guitars very often they stay away in their cases because I don't have the need to play on 5 guitars often lol I just have them as I collect what I buy kinda thing but just a few hours ago I went to re-string my KVX10 because I hadn't played it in ages and when I had restrung it I realised that non of the notes are ringing for as long as they should and the sound is very flat.

Now I had this problem with my Ibanez first so I took it to a shop to get it looked at and they reckoned there was nothing wrong with it whereas he played it in front of me and the sound was clearly very distant but upon it's return it worked for a few days until the problem came back (waste of £25). The guy said it's because moisture had gotten to the electronics or something along those lines.

My house gets affected by condensation and mould quite a bit because it's an oldish house but I'm wondering is this what#s causing my guitars to die? Because this is coming up to £800's worth of equipment ruined.

I'm posting here for any advice on what else the problems could be, my guitars have also started to rust as well in the little screws holding the pickups in place, on the pickups themselves and on all the bridge pins and locking nuts etc and even on the back plate holding the bolts in for the neck.

Do pickups eventually die through overuse or is it something else? could it be the volume controls? the jack inputs?

I'm in a band and like I said I only have the one guitar now (ESP) so i don't want that to die out on me too but I dunno what to do, I keep little bags of the silicon stuff you get in packaging inside my hard cases to help keep the moisture out but they don't seem to do anything.

Any suggestions would be very helpful as I dunno what else to try!! I hardly wanna give up playing guitar just because of something like this but I can't afford to buy a new guitar everytime one dies just to wait a year or so for this new one to die.

Thanks to anybody that takes their time to read this
I think you may have answered your own Question. Electronics are VERY sensitive to moisture, but if you didn't know that I'm considering myself the only smart person in a dumb world.
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If you haven't restrung a guitar in ages, you should check the truss rod and make sure the neck is straight.

If you're worried about moisture, you could set your guitars in a dry place with all of the wiring shields off.

Another suggestion would be to check the cables. If the shop guy made it work and the it broke down later with your amp, it might be a cable.

Also, you should replace the battery if you have active pups in the ESP.

One more thing. make sure that some of the joints in the wiring aren't coming apart. That might explain some of it.
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This is the wrong forum, first of all, try the Electric Guitar forum.

Second, maybe check your amp? If all your guitars are a little messed, maybe the amp is the only common link?
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nah its not the amps or cables as when i play my esp at rehearsals thru the bigger amp with my same cables it still sounds like it, only thing is i dont really have a dry place to keep em they are in dryest place at the moment
also i thought i was in the right forum as it said for newbies if u dont want crap for posting something post here lol