I was playing a Squier Stratocaster that I can't find any info on. I can't even find a photo of it. I've been searching google for two hours.

the body is dark red, it has the best finish i've ever seen on a Squier. you can see the grain through the paint. it has a matching red headstock thats an oversized 70s or 60s (not sure) type. and the pickguard is black. and thats basically all i know.

does anyone have an ideas as to what model this is? when it was made?
i had the same problem with my epiphone i couldent figure it quite out but i gave customer service a call and i found out i had a custom shop edition g-400 so basically i'm saying try giving fender customer service a call they may have the answer

Pictures go a long way... hardware and logo appearance also help greatly in IDing them.
It sounds like he probably doesn't have a pic, and he already said he can't find any similar.

As suggested, you should try calling the company.
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The issue is, you can't tell one from the other without pictures. The hardware is key, as it often dictates what model it was. The logo also tends to b e a clue-in. Does it say where it was made? My bet is on a modified affinity.
Maybe its something like this but someone put a black pickguard on it?

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yeah, like that but it's SSS and the finish is a bit darker i think, and you could see the grain under it. and the black pickguard.
Sounds pretty sexy for a Squire and it's not a real Fender. I just got a Standard Strat, cause I didn't wan't a poopy Squire ^_^, sry for u Squire lovers.
don't knock a guitar for whats on the headstock. a lot of touring and pro musicians use 'em.
uhh nope. SSS, thin red finish with visible grain, black pickguard, and matching red oversized sorta headstock.
Might be a vintage squier, maybe? One they don't make anymore?
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i think it might be a Squier Satin Trans Stratocaster.

but i'm having problems confirming that because it's listed in like 3 colours but i literally can't find a single photo of any colour but the amber, which is sorta orange-yellowy. it could be the wine red one.