Hello. I have an ibanex gio. An epiphone les paul and Vox AD50VT amp. Does anyone have any tips for a achieving an exellent metal tone.
High gain, bass and treble (not to 10 though)
mids down a little past the middle, not completely scooped.

If that fails, get a pedal.
Get an overdrive pedal...I have the AD30VT and its almost impossible to get a good modern metal tone out of the amp. I have a Digitech Bad Monkey pedal, and it fixed the problem.
get a pedal...

in my opinion/ experience valvatronix series die at high gain....
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Get a MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive pedal thats what i use and i have the same set up as u with a Gibson les paul and the vox. Also don't put the output all the way up on this pedal if u have the gain all the way up