Okay, So.
I'm looking into buying a new guitar, I don't want to spend a whole lot because I don't have much money, and I was looking at the Ibanez RG2EX1.. And I'm wondering what your opinions are on it? And if there is a better option for me besides that one?

i'd say your RR3 is better. if you replaced the pickups on the ibanez it'd be a good guitar (is it the fixed bridge one?) i have the 4EXQM1, and it's been a pretty awesome guitar, great sound and playability, so if the 2EX1 is like it, i would say go for it.
hmm.... it seems very nice

every ibanez i have played has had an amazing neck on it and this one really shouldnt be an exeption...

id say go for it, if its what you really want
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I WISH this one was sold in canada .
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its awesome.

the neck pickup is great for cleans/leads, but the bridge pickup is a little thin. thats just my tastes; i enjoy the chunky distortion a Les Paul puts out. i'm getting some money together to replace that pickup. other than that, its a great guitar. lightweight, playable. the intonation is awesome and it stays in tune.
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DUDE BUY IT! I HAVE ONE! IT's BAD ASS. And get like thicker strings on it, I told them to put 12 gauges on. I love the fixed bridge.

Me have it and me love it!!!
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