I've been playing for a year as of yesterday ( ) and I cannot decide what song I should play... The only song I know fully is Hangar 18, which, after practicing it since October, is finally starting to come together. I have also been working on my own stuff, and one song I have started to write is coming together nicely (kind of sort of... you know). But I can't help but feel somewhat unaccomplished. I know parts of many songs (Ride The Lightning, Tornado Of Souls, The Curse Of Castle Dragon, and Crazy Train come to mind), but none of them fully. So, UG, I come asking a question- what song should I fully learn? Curse of Castle Dragon, I think, is a bit too hard right now, even though shred is the style I want to go in.

I was thinking of learning some more Metallica, like Blackened or The Four Horsemen. What do you guys think?
metal metal metal, there are other genres of music you know with far more talent
Learn your theory, and fretboard.

Why don't you try fully learning some of those songs?
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You're a very motivated person if you've learned that stuff after only a year. I've been playing two years and I'm just starting to get the hang of alternate picking and easy sweeping.
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I try to play every day, and usually get in maybe an hour and a half on the weekdays (school and homework take away from some practice time.) With Hangar 18, the sweeps kill me kind of... the second solo sweep at the beginning I just can't do. But the fifth solo's sweep is kind of easy. I also have to admit I cut out one of the solos, mainly because I feel it doesn't fit musically and also because I feel Hangar 18 gets kind of boring after a while, so I wanted to cut it down a bit (It's Dave's solo near the last 2/3 of the song; the eighth solo). And I do need to learn more scales... the first solo I wrote myself uses an A Aeolian and a G Mixolydian mode. Are two scales often enough to write a small quickie solo?
Wow you own me in skill with half the experience......Learn some finger-picking stuff....Grow your nails out and play some classical....
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Crazy Train is a very easy song to master solo wise, though the fills will take time. they do make good practice though.
pracice for two hours a day. trust me. do what vai did, only on a smaller scale. practice scales for a half hour, theory for a half hour, technique for a half hour, and then for the last half hour just jam your ass off. best method ever... that way youll be able to play anyhitng in no time. and for a song to learn, go for liberty by Vai learn it with the Amaj scale in the 3 not per string form and your good to go with the fills...
But with scales, what should I be doing? I was going to learn all the modes in each key, but I'm not sure if that's a good way to go around that. I've just (and by just, I mean last week) been introduced to the minor scales (harmonic minor, natural minor, melodic minor, Asia minor, etc.) and they sound really cool, especially when played on the upper part of the neck... but I didn't get to practice that much today, since I have a history test tomorrow...
some of the early full songs i learned :

Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Mandatory Suicide - Slayer (just skip the solo if you can't do it)
Madhouse - Anthrax

They're all pretty straight forward, easy songs, if you wanna work on speed, there's two riffs i played my ass off to, both pantera - Shattered, 13 Steps to Nowhere, the riffs you wanna play are

e -----------------------------------------------
b -----------------------------------------------
g -----------------------------------------------
d -----------7-----9-----10-----9-----7------
a --7--8--9-----9-----9------9-----9----9---
E -----------------------------------------------

13 Steps to Nowhere
e -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
b -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
g ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------12---14-
d ------------------------------------5---7----------------12---14--12-13-14---14----
a ------------------5---7--5--6--7---7-------12-13-14---14---------------------------
E ----/7--5--6--7---7---------------------------------------------------------------------

Play them in full Alternate Picking, NO ECONOMY PICKING!

Edit : Forgot to mention, those tabs probably aren't in the right timing, I just tried to make the spaces look even, if you're interested it might just be easier to look em up on UG :P
Ok, I think what I am going to do is this:
-Practice scales more (learn different modes every day)
-Practice Hangar 18 (still needs some work)
-Practice/learn more music theory
-Learn The Four Horsemen by Metallica (seems to be a moderately challenging song, plus if I learn it, I can theoretically speed it up and it becomes Mechanix)