does anyone know the current setlist for coheed and cambria's current tour with linkin park. Thanks
id love to know two, im going february 18th!!!

as far as i no theres going to be

The Running Free
The Hound (sweeeet)
Feathers ( hell yea)

and if the youtube videos are correct, JUNESONG PROVISION!!!!!!!!!!
close this thread and put it in the coheed thread.
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i went last night, it was sweet. Exept claudios guitar didnt work during the first song, No world for tomorow. it was pretty funny, some guy threw a beer onstage and i heard it hit claudio.

but anyways, from waht i can remember (this isnt in order)

No world for tomorrow
Gravemakers and Gunslingers
A favor house atlantic
Delerium Trigger!
Welcome Home
The Running Free
The Hound
Blood Red Summer

I think thats it, i was going nuts during coheed tho so i could have missed some