I feel like when I am practicing I am sort of at a loss. I don't really feel like I am making much progress.
I start with a finger speed and strength excersise that I learned from a friend who has been playing for about 2 years. Then I sort of just tool about practicing bits of songs I want to learn and I finish up with attempting to improvise.

Any suggestions?
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Practical (actual playing)
Scales are your next aim for practical work (IMO).

Scales you need to learn:

Pentatonic Scale (there are 5 different "boxes" of the pentatonic scale that mover further up the neck as you use them.)
Major Scale (also in different positions/octaves, like the "boxes" on the pentatonic scale)
Minor Scale (similar to the pentatonic with a few extra notes, again learn the positions/octaves)

Next are chords, and you seem to have made some headway, so that's good.

Major Chords [Open (meaning played with some open strings, not barre chords.)]
Minor Chords, also Open
Major Chords [Barred (meaning played with no open strings as transferable patterns, the simpler versions are also known as "power" chords)]
Minor Chords, also Barred

If you make headway with that stuff, then there's this
Advanced Stuff:

Modal Scales: Dorian, Mixolydian etc. (Here's a good site)
7th/9th/13th Chords

Motor Skills should also be worked on:

Picking: Standard/Alternate/Sweeping/Hybrid
Hammer Ons/Pull Offs (this means a slur if you're musically inclined; if not there are a load of good lessons on this site; just type them in search under lessons.)
Scratch muting (makes a chcka sound when you mute the strings with your left hand)
Palm muting (listen to metallica; the chug chug sound is caused by palm muting)



Major and Minor chord construction (What makes a chord sound major or minor, 3rds/5ths etc. Refer to lessons)
Key/Time signatures
Basic musical notation
Learn to read tab
Modal construction
Scale construction
Scale inflections ("Blue" notes, modes)


Sound Engineering (Electric players only):

How to/ what is an EQ
Clean, Distortion and O.D
Valve (Tube)/ Solid State/ Hybrid amps

The stuff in bold is advanced, and so should really be done after the rest of it is good.

I think that's enough to be going along with. Obviously don't try and learn it all at once, you'll overload yourself. Just try learning a bit a week, you'll be fine, and you'll get better with practise.

Good Luck,

What I wrote in another thread. That's what you should be learning. But also play along with songs you like etc, otherwise playings not going to be fun at all.