Hey UG, i picked up mah geetar about 3 months ago, just a simple acoustic from a charity shop, got myself a tuner/ pitch pipe/ chord positioning all in one jobbies.

havnt really practiced cords, obviously i learnt smoke on the water and the first few seconds of stairway to heaven.

are there any songs for a learner to try, something simple, fun to play or possibly any self teach books that youd reccomend?

Thanks in advance

Anything with applied theory on diagrams AKA fretboard-like diagrams with numbers on them, if you get a book with that AND scale written before the 'gram you're nicely started, if the book contains LOADS of 'em you're in business, but if your thing is playing aside a campfire forget what I said, you need to learn songs you like, learning songs you like will be actually easier than learning a song that would normally be easier compared to the first one (you get the idea). It always depend on where you want to get with the music.
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"Frere Jaques"

or anything with like 3 chords.
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Learn open chords. Then learn some simple 3-chord songs.

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