I tried out a Cort M-600 guitar at a local guitar shop tonight.
It was awesome. I've never even heard of a Cort.
Does anyone know much about them?

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Yeah. They are nice and affordable. My buddy bought one and he likes it. Says it doesn't stay in tune all that well but that could be a bunch of things. Old strings, bad tuners, poor string installation.
they are awsome guitars for the prices. you cant find much things better in that price range
They are pretty decent guitars for the price. They copy stuff from Ibanez, etc. except cheaper. I started out with a Cort X-2, and I still use it today for D standard and Drop C songs. Its not the best quality, but for the price, its quite nice.
They are the best guitars you'll ever lay your hands on. How much is it? No matter. Buy now.
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