i was hoping to get a floyd rose on my jackson. where could i take it to be done. about how much would this cost. thanks
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It's a far better choice to just get a guitar with one on it. You'll likely lose a lot of tone from the guitar, drilling a huge routing in the body. It also might leave holes if you have a string through design. By the time you get all that done, it'll cost about as much as it does to just get a new axe with a nice tremolo on it to begin with
If you're trying to do this with the JS30RR in your sig don't bother. It's not even worth it, you'd pay just as much for a new tremolo as you could for that same guitar used.

Plus everything this guy above me said.

Also I installed a 2-point strat trem in that same guitar before for a friend. It worked alright, as good a strat trem would. Considering this is a strat trem on a friggen V my friend then wanted something more. Plus he wanted all that crazy dive-bomb crap. He tried to hack it up himself more for a floyd but ended up making it un-useable after that and it wouldn't stay in tune no matter what.

In short you'd have to do a hell of a lot of work to a guitar that really isn't worth that much time and money. I mean it's a pretty good guitar and I really like the neck but srsly...
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