I have the RG2 with Seymour Duncan Blackout Acitve Pickups (Replaced Stock Pups) and it is sick. The stock pick ups were pretty good. I had no problem using them, I just needed something more powerful. I don't know anything about the S320, but it is prolly a good guitar also. I like Ibanez. The RG is cheaper, but has a very nice neck (thin). I vote the RG2, but that is because that is the guitar I have and am very satisfied
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well, you could just get an LTD. they have better stock pickups and are better than ibanez.
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What kind of LTD?

And I'm looking to play metal
and sometimes classical
Mostly heavy stuff though
I've been searching
and it's between a ESP Viper-200FM
or Ibanez RG2EX1

But I'm leaning towards the ESP since I can get it for $200 used