I'm looking for good music that is just drum and bass, or bands that use it a lot. Songs like Battlestar Stratchlactica by Incubus and Radiohead's Creep (to an extent) are the kind of stuff that I'm looking for.

P.S.- Sorry if this is the wrong forum.
Wrong Forum. Go to the music section and find the appropriate genre. Also you do know there is a genre of Electronica music called Drum and Bass right.
Death From Above 1979 is a band that has only a drummer and a bassist, check them out
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I am in somewhat of a similar situation, but found some of the suggestions in this thread useful, esp. Libertines and Interpol and everyone's favourite, Death From Above 1979.

And endless free form jams can be tons of fun on bass and drums.
I'm not sure you know what you mean when you say drum and bass, that's a type of electronica/techno/dance music. )http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drum_and_bass)

as for bands that use drum and bass, in the way you mean, i'm sure a million more people will recommend Death From Above 1979, but for good reason. If you're looking for something like that, that is really groovy check out The Rapture, they have some great bass lines. Daft Punk might also have some stuff that you like.
er... how is Radiohead's Creep good drum & bass music? *explodes*
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Testify by RATM. It has a guitar though, but bass and drums make big things. If you're a bassist it's great to be played with drummer only, especially if you have some bass distortion.

Or Calm Like a Bomb. Wah and distortion bass...
Bambi Slaughter - Nirvana

Yea. Wrong forum, mostly.
I like Fall Out Boy.
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er... how is Radiohead's Creep good drum & bass music? *explodes*

I guess because in the verse, the drums are playing a standard beat and the bass is playing when the kick drum does... so, I guess that's what dude's considering drum and bass.

What makes Creep 'good' for drum and bass and not totally basic and standard is beyond me.
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