Ok so heres my story (short version at bottom if you dont wanna read).

I used to play bass and i took lessons for that however i stopped after about 2 years because i didnt have anyone to play with anymore. When i bought my bass i got a free acoustic guitar because i spent a certain amount at the store of whatever. The acoustic pretty much sat in my room for years untill last summer when i decided i was going to teach myself guitar.

I bought an electric in august and finally started to learn. The bass lessons came in handy with knowing my way around the guitar and different "techniques" (hammer ons, pull offs, etc...) but i didnt know how to play anything. Since i bought the electric, ive been playing and teaching myself every day, as long as i could. I became familiar with a ton of different chords and memorized a few scales but not to many.

I feel like i have reached my first plateau. Pretty much where i stand now, i can look at tabs and ill be able to play the meat of the song within 10 minutes or so, depending on how tough the song is. The thing is, i dont know what else to do. Ill be sitting here playing guitar for an hour or so, but all im really doing is playing songs im interested it. I dont really do anything to help me get better from where i am now and ive realized its because... i dont know what to do.

(Short version, read here!) Could you guys please give some suggestions as to what i could do to better myself from where i stand? I want to be a better guitar player, but i really dont know what to do to achieve my goal.

Thanks alot

P.S. sorry for the freaking life story. i was just sitting here playing and realized this, so i decided to come to you guys for advice.
Just play songs your intrested in and prgressivly play "harder" songs

Remember to keep an open mind on rock music though...
Well the way I got better was finding songs I liked that weren't so easy to play. I learned those and got better. Basically, It takes years to get really good for most people. I got pretty good in 2 years or so, but I'm nothing to my friends who've played for 5+ years.
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Study some theory, take a break for a few days, compose something, evaluate your techniques and see what you can improve on....stuff like that...
yeah ive reached that spot too.

I can't sit myself down and learn in depth theory.
I just starting thinking it's bs when I know its not..lol