I made this for the girl I'm going to ask out on Valentines Day. And it's not quite finished, but I'll have ample time to finish it tomorrow.

It's the one called "Love Potato" on my profile

As always, C4C, but I can't critique your work if you're going to direct me to Myspace or if I have to download a file.

Also, this may be of interest, but The Pit is currently holding a "UG Original Album" compitition, and, if your song is good enough, it'll be featured on the final playlist.
The Pit. The Movie.
Well today's a snow day, thank God. So I'll finish it up today. The little tiny singing part at the end is just something I thought might make her laugh. I'll critique all yours by the end of the day

Riaghan I can't critique yours because it looks like you'll direct me to Myspace. I can't access Myspace.
The Pit. The Movie.
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Very nice little catchy tune in the background at the beginning it might be just me but its a tiny bit out of time at some points not to sure if it is its not by much

I like the bit with the guitars changing speakers it is pretty neat

heehee unexpecting singing at end xP

I agree with above though it falls short of a finished product a bit but its still awesome
some cool lead parts, put some vox, drums, bass and a rhythm guitar in there an u will be set.
but from what i here so far, its sounds pretty solid to work on. keep it up,
crit mine
u can go to my profile, since u cant go to myspace
its the one called "Struttin' Busted"
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