k well i live in drumheller (small town) and no one does lessons need help with something i could do online lessons or theroy books that are good.
Use youtube to find songs you like, use UG tabs to look up how to play the song. Most UG tabs show you the chords, if you dont know the chords use google to search for differnt chords. Then listen to the song and use the tabs to figure it out. You dont need a teacher, if you truly are going to be a good guitarest you can teach yourself. having someone teach you just makes it faster.
dude if your in school dont be afraid to ask at there they mite have a jazz band or something if not ask a guidance counselor or something they mite refer yo to someone. dude dont worry if jazz isn't your thing or whatever cuz at least you can learn basics and who knows you mite like it
It is indeed. You learn a lot with Jazz. For the short time that I worked on Jazz, my playing improved A LOT. I just got outta Jazz, for some reason, though. I dunno why.
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Seriously, with the internet at your fingertips and a guitar in your hands, you can make some serious progress.

I mean, I started playing a bit over a year ago and I haven't taken a single lesson. My dad showed me a few chords and this little booklet thing that he had laying around that had some simple progressions in it. Since then I've been just reading stuff online and playing guitar and I have actually ended up showing my dad a lot about guitar that he never knew before. Then again, I already had some background in music theory from being in a bunch of choirs throughout the past 7 or 8 years, so that might have helped.

But anyway, you can definitely learn to play guitar without a teacher, as long as you are able to motivate yourself to become better.
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before playing guitar i played clarinet for 5 years, not the coolest instrument ever but i was good at it, so i know abit about theroy.