Drew some inspiration to write this after listening to some Clapton.
This is sorta like a slow acoustical ballad with with a unique arrangement
of different guitar peices, but it all ties back into one simple chord progression for the vocals and lyrics. I know the lyrics and the ryhmes are a bit cliche too, but the song is more about the thoughts being portrayed and the mood of the music.

"Warmth of the Morning Sun"

I watched you walk away,
Five years ago today,
In the warmth of the morning sun.

Took a walk down to the stream,
To think of you and all my dreams,
As I watched the fish swim by.

If only you had stayed;
Coulda loved you everyday:
Breathe light back into my life:
Lift me up and take me higher.

Finnaly heard the news today,
My only love has gone astray,
In the warmth of the morning sun.

I closed my eyes and took a ride,
In my dreams is where she hides,
In the darkest corner of my mind.

The words I couldn't say:
They still haunt me to this day:
Breathe light back into my life:
Lift me up and take me higher.

In the warmth of the mornig sun:
Is the only place I belong:
In his gaze I'll stay:
Forever trapped inside endless days.

Lift me up and take me higher.

Not really sure how to crit this one. You acknowledge the cliches at the start and the flow and rhymes seem OK, if somewhat reliant on -ay rhymes.

I find that the two instances of the 2 lines "Breathe light back into my life/Lift me up and take me higher." don't seem to follow on from the previous 2 lines.

A minor grammatical point: most of the colons should probably be semi-colons, or even commas. For example "The words I couldn't say:" suggests the following line will be the words you couldn't say, but this doesn't appear to be the case.

Am I right in assuming there is a narrator change after the second "chorus"? You seem to switch from "her" to "his"