How do I get that 3-d look. It looks kind of rounded, I'd like to do that with my guitar, and what makes the finish look glossy like that?
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arch top? glossy finish!!! OMG
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lol yea. it's a carved top... it's actually rounded. and a glossy finish.
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how do you do that? and what do you buy to make it a glossy finish...
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You carve the wood into a rounded shape. For a glossy finish, you use a can of glossy spraypaint
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the glossy look is usually just some kinda finish... with a clear coat on top. It works really nicely with those fireburst (like that guitar you showed) and quilted tops
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what guitar is that? looks like an ibanez? what model? ohh and what is binding? cheers

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To me it looks like the top may have been dyed black, then sanded back a bit, then dyed the amber colour.
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can't forget that the guitar has really nice wood on top to begin with.
Or have the figured top installed with rather extensive mods that a typical DiY'er woudln't do.

There is also the option of a veneer, but it isnt' nearly a good looking especially when the veneer is so thin that you can see the grain underneath it when you're finished. >:[
BTW, it's called "lacquer"... You spray it and sand/polish it to mirror shine.