I have a roland cube 15 right now. I do not plan on gigging ever, so don't suggest so 100 watt bs. Favorite bands are Tool, A perfect Circle, RATM, Killswitch Engage. I play a MIM strat but im thinking about also buying an Ibanez or Schecter. Chances are i have enough money for the amp so just throw out some good suggestions.
Try a small little tube amp, like the Peavey Valveking Royal 8 (given your genres).

I don't know of any other high-gain small amps, as I don't play much high gain stuff.

Hell, I'll say it. Maybe you should try a Spider Valve (c'mon guys, he says he's never gonna gig.....)

EDIT: But, in all seriousness, get a small tube amp.

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Crate Palimino V8, or a Blackheart amp. I am assuming on that second one...

Both with an OD...
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well got a fender super 60 amp
and its pretty gainy for your regular fender amp
its got two channels and man does bad boy have crunch
there reletevely cheap and you could get them on ebay for 300 bucks
this thing when it comes to tone and just that bad ass crunch
is the best beats the palomino or those valvekings
and for a fender it beats most ouy there on the overdrive channel

i would also look into the tiny terror but you would have to buy a pedal for that i suspect

oh sht just looked and saw you play RAtM
you gatta get this amp man its perfect for that
plus the thing is all tube and comes with an emmenince speaker and the reverb is really good considering its solid state
i really like how the EQ is very tweakable just a change of the knobs changes your sound completely and you got no idea how many amps out there have EQ and there like really gohst EQ not very noticable when messing around with the EQ especially solid states and modeling amps, the EQ sensitivity is really noticable when you got the gain up
and the presence knob really helps shape the tone
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well you probably want a higher gain amp for tool and kse some maybe try a peavey valveking or a 6505 depending on how much gain you want.. or possibly what i think of as one of the most underrated amp ever the b-52 at series
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^yah thanks for the input captain obvios

i think he was trying to say the poster wanted to get a combo amp not a head...
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Yea I'd rather have a combo, I'm thinking about the Seriously thinking about the Peavey Valveking 112 at this point. IS the only different between the 212 and the 112 just the wattage?
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Marshall combo amp. I saw a JTM45 I think in a music store for around 500 dollars. Breaks up pretty easily. sounds great especially for Tom Morello type stuff. Get an OD pedal and your good to go.
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Yea I'd rather have a combo, I'm thinking about the Seriously thinking about the Peavey Valveking 112 at this point. IS the only different between the 212 and the 112 just the wattage?

And, you know, the speakers.
I think this is going to be my next amp.


Saving my pennies right now.
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What's wrong with that?

Dude, that amp looks pretty sweet. I always wanted a little head (get your head out of the gutter) to get a cranked sound without deafening anyone within earshot (including me)

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