Metalcore/thrash song i wrote these lyrics for it. Thoughts?

Internal Self-Destruction
Internal burn, the remains of a heartbroken soul
Clenching in rage, bound by the morals of this reality
Deep seeded thoughts, forsaken by society
Never to be spoken, to be released and forgotten

This internal fire builds over time
As it’s withheld from the world
A being filled with rage, regret and self doubt
Fueling the flames by holding it back

No one thing can contain, the inferno within
The pressure of hundreds, for one to contain
As the release is looming
The one is frighteningly calm
Containment in cracking
An imminent self destruction

But it’s too late, the one has been broken
Release like explosion, all feels the shock
Internal burn, built to a destruction
One has been lost, to internal self-destruction