One of the local music stores has a Jackson Kelly KE-4 guitar for $249. I've been searching internet for any info on this model - all I could find was that it was made between 93 - 98 and some reviews on Harmony for a professional version.

Is anyone familiar with this guitar model? Was there a standard and professional version? Any experience - good or bad?
I have a JS330 (?) Kelly, the noob model. Im madly in love with it, Kelly's are great guitars. There is a problem with balance though, you will have to move the strap lock on the body closer to the neck if you want to play standing up, but other than that it is definantly worth getting. The KE3 is the current model on jacksons website, and the "proffesional" model. Marty friedman play a KE1 kelly while he was in megadeth.
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Yep, its a lower end MIJ model of the KElly. It came out around 1995 when Akai took over.