I need some help on my ear training. I know it's going to be a long and boring road, but I really want to be in a band and to be good at guitar,I really need to train my ear to perfect pitch! This, I know, is important to any musician and I really need it. All I want is some info. on ear training websites, forums, lessons etc.

Also, I need some things on theory. My theory knowledge is about 1/100 of what it should be. Maybe books/dvds that I could order from my local music store. Maybe even some colleges I could look into! I'm a freshman and looking to go to Musicians Institute of Technology at the moment.

Along with that, maybe some picking exercieses and speed building exercises to help me out with soloing/shredding.
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Both of those are great ear trainers, for relative pitch however. I don't want to get into the whole "Can perfect pitch be learned" argument, but I WILL say it's not important for every musician, and it's arguable at times that having a good relative pitch is actually advantageous. My recommendation i.e, what I've been doing that's worked well for me, is that you use those trainer sites and learn the intervals on the guitar, and get used to what they sound like.

And for the picking and speed building I would recommend chromatic scales up and down the neck, when you get good at that, add hammer ons and pull offs into it.

Oh, right, books that are good for theory, I would personally recommend Mick Goodrick's "The advancing guitarist" since it forces you to understand what it teaches and apply it yourself, as opposed to always babying you.

That's just my two cents anyway, I'm still learning, so there's certainly more credible people to listen to here though .
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Theres a program on the internet called Absolute Fretboard Trainer that makes speed drills for memorizing notes on the fretboard, and I'm pretty sure you can set it to tones.
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