yeah, pretty much just that. something that can be done on a single guitar with a day's practice, yet something atypical and uncommon.

Classic rock preferred, or rather, nothing too heavy.

help is appreciated.
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everlong is always good i think, wonderful tonight is great
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Valentines day is one day away

he wants a song that can be learned in one day



Doesn't seem suspicious to me. [add sarcastic tone]
That's So You - The Rocket Summer

It's not classic rock, but its super easy, will make any girl fall for you.
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Tears in Heaven (clapton), Black Dog (zeppelin), Dee (Ozzy/ Randy Rhoads),
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Tears in Heaven (clapton), Black Dog (zeppelin), Dee (Ozzy/ Randy Rhoads),
A song about his son dying, that'll do the trick.
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A song about his son dying, that'll do the trick.


But seriously dude, More than Words is good. It's "classic rock"and you can learn it in a day. Hell I learned it in 15 minutes.
Wonderful Tonight - Clapton
Layla - Derek and the Dominos
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad - Derek and the Dominos

beatles would work too.
Love Me Do
From Me To You
I wanna Hold your Hand
Eight Days a Week

i sing wonderful tonight for the ladies though.
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The Element of One-Killswitch Engage
"Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott
Charles Michael "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner
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weezer, death cab, iron and wine.

that stuff.
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Not Alone - All That Remains
but thats probably "heavier" than what you're looking for..

Layla - Eric Clapton
Bought for a few pennies
Now you're all just empty
Fucking soulless machines

-All Shall Perish