I'm getting an MIM strat soon, and Putting in Texas specials and locking tuners. I'm gonna be changing the bridge, so I was thinking Is there a Piezo strat type bridge? Because I want versatility from this guitar because it's gonna be my main gigging guitar.

So is there a vintage tremolo(strat type) bridge with piezo pickups in them? Will it be worth putting them in? I'm getting a free setup so don't worry about that
I think certain Parker Fly guitars have Piezos in the bridge, so you might be able to find one on ebay, or warmoth or something similar to that.
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I have no idea if this will help, but I knew Slash uses a Fishman Power Bridge, so I found this:


I hope it will help.
I just finished a strat project and used an L.R. Baggs Strat bridge.

They have drop in replacements for both the U.S. 'two pole' bridge as well as the 'vintage' bridge that you'd have on your MIM strat.

I wired mine passive, with a mini toggle switch to switch from regular pickups to the piezo and man you should see the looks on peoples faces when I 'go acoustic' without switching guitars.
I do believe there's a Graphtec GHOST system that can be used - I remember a build on here back in the day that used one and it sounded amazing.
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Yep. It's GT string saver saddles with piezo crystals in the saddles themselves. You buy the saddles and the preamp, it comes to about $200.
fishman makes a piezo bridge with Carvin guitars...maybe you could check their website out.
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OK I've settled for a VMV power bridge by fishman, its almost about 250 here in Canada.

What else will I need for it to work? I'm looking at the piezo powerchip as well, they say without it a mono guitar cable will short out the powerbridge.

Also my set up is going to be guitar --> wah --> Traynor YCV50 <--> Phase 90

And can someone explain the whole Mono cable/stereo cable thing to me? Cause I don't want to use multiple amps.
umm what is a piezo? i keep hearing it but dont know what it is. some kind of pickup?
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umm what is a piezo? i keep hearing it but dont know what it is. some kind of pickup?

It is a pickup that is not magnetic, Its usually in your bridge, picks up the vibrations created by the strings, and amplifying it, and making your guitar sound like an acoustic guitar.

You can also blend in the magnetic pickups on your guitar along with the piezo pickup to create an unique tone