Yeah Im wanting to practice my playing with the slide and I was wondering if anyone knew any songs with heavy use of the slide in them.

Also, anyone know any good lessons or sites that expand on the use of the slide? Like the different tunings and scales you can use.
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Good luck. The slide adds many layers to a song and isn't too difficult to learn. It takes a while to master it, though. Try songs by the Allman Brothers or most any Southern Rock band.

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i agree with dish, easy to learn but hard to master. freebird is definately what comes to mind when i think of a song with easy slide guitar. just touch the strings (don't press) right over the actual metal fret, not in between like when you play normally. be as loose as you can, but that will come with practice. you're going to need to mute the strings that you're not playing cause the slide is gonna touch other strings.

and the greatest slide player (imo that is) duane allman never used a pick when he played slide. he was quoted as saying that if you have a slide on your finger and a pick in the other hand then you aren't even touching the guitar.

of course, that was his style. plenty of people use picks with a slide.

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