Hi I'm after a new spare guitar I'm thinking about either a Jackson or Schecter.
I'm looking at,


Schecter-C1 Blackjack

I play thrash metal I particulary like the look of the Jackson am leaning towards the RR3 it's similar to a Rhoads I think.

Any comments appreciated.
i love the schecter helraisers in my opinion i mean jackson is nice and stuff but i would say schecter over jackson
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i love jacksons but **** i just got a new schecter c-1 classic and its so badass. i played the hellraiser with emgs and its really great.
i love jacksons but the new c-1's are sweet. The schecters are just better for the money over the RR's. I would get the Hellraiser because it looks sweet and has EMG 81/89, so you can have single coil sounds too.
Go with the Hellraiser or the Blackjack ATX. Those guitars are rape.
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How's the JS30RR compare to the RR3 ?

Not well. They are nice for the price, but the RR3 smokes it in every way.
yeah except the Schecters are more practical compared to the RR3. They are much easier to sit down and play with, they have a neck-thru like heel so nothing is blocking you when you're reaching for hte higher frets, unlike the RR3 which has a huge bolt on heel tahts very annoying, have the same/EMG pickups with coil taps, etc. But if you liek the RR shape more...its still a great guitar, lol.

THe C-1 FR ATX looks too good.
If it is a spare, the shape isn't a huge deal. Unless you want to use it for a practice guitar, too, then I would factor how comfortable it is a bit more.

I would try them out if you can (it doesn't have to be the exact guitar, but find one with the right shape and about the right weight, at least), they are fairly different feeling guitars.
im not crazy about jacksons. i was looking to get one but was really dissapointed with them. the tone wasnt there and i didnt like realy much of anythign about them. however, i bought a hellraiser and it is beastly. this thing can do everything. its my new baby and i love playing it.
i usually prefer Gibsons ,but if its a jackson rr i'd save up and buy the rr5 or the rr24 (because of threre amazing necks )
I was torn between them too! I got the Schecter because it felt really good to me. I love the neck on it. I HATED the jackson, the neck was too weird for me. IMHO for the money there is not a comparision of the two. GET THE HELLRAISER!!!!
I really like the RR3, i'd also like a schecter but they're hard to find in UK, you lucky ****s! I'd try both guitars and see which you prefer.